This project has created an opportunity for art and science to interact in a way which is creative, exciting and visibly inclusive.  Science and art are interleaved with each other, and yet we often see them portrayed as separate worlds that are poles apart.  The interaction between the artists and scientists has created opportunities for better understanding of each other. 

This project has used the IYA2009 to offer the artists this one-off chance for the artists to take part and benefit from new and novel experiences and the publicity that will result.   They have been able to have discussions with both established researchers of astronomy which hopefully will influence their art beyond this project.

Previous experience has shown that art is a catalyst for discussion; not only amongst the art community, but also amongst the science community.  It is as important for scientists as it is for the general public to question, re-think and explain the reasons for their work and their understanding.  This project hopes it can be the seed for such discussion. 

Galileo, Galileo!