Dr Andy Charalambous is an Honorary Fellow at UCL.  He has coordinated and managed the project.  Contacts made whilst he was working on ground-based telescope instrumentation has allowed him to set up contact between the artists and the astronomical community. He is self-employed using the business name EngineeringArt.  He works with artists and scientists and produces his own art work.  In 2004 he created and managed the Young Artists@CERN project, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of CERN through the work of 15 international artists.

Doug Burton graduated in Postgraduate Studies at the Royal Academy of Arts Schools in 2002.  Recently he has been working with digital animation. Doug was one of the artists in the Young Artists@CERN project, which has had a continued influence on his work.  A full description of his work can be found at

Isambard Poulson completed his MA Fine Art Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in 2005. His current work medium is the digital image.  He also was an artist on the Young Artists@CERN project. A full description of his work can be found at

Iwona Abrams is the third artist on the project.  She is a visiting lecturer at the RCA.  She uses print as the medium for her work and is exploring print on 3d objects for this project.